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How CBD and Manuka Honey help your skin in autumn

How CBD and Manuka Honey help your skin in autumn
on November 09, 2021

Autumn is arguably one of the most beautiful times of the year here in the UK (when it isn’t raining). Golden leaves, early sunsets and warm cosy jumpers are here for the foreseeable. But as the weather changes, so should your autumn skin care routine. 

Autumn skin care is all about layering, which essentially means applying your products in a certain order, from cleanser to exfoliator, toner to serum, sheet, eye cream to moisturiser. It may seem like a lot but your skin will really benefit from it! Our words of wisdom don’t end there - keep on reading for more top tips and natural ingredients for radiant and glowy skin this season.

How does autumn affect skin?

The air has little moisture in the autumn and winter, which can alter the skin's equilibrium, and central heating can dehydrate the skin even more. With a little TLC, you can easily lock in that moisture before heading outside into brisk and chilly winds, and you’ll have a great base for your make-up! Trust us, the benefits of adding a bit more moisturiser into your routine are too good to miss out on.

Prep your skin the night before by washing your face with a nourishing gel cleanser. Foaming cleansers can dry out the skin, so put those back in the cupboard and leave them until next summer. The key ingredients in our Purifying Gel Balm Cleanser, CBD and Manuka honey, are vital for locking in that extra moisture your skin is craving. Manuka Honey retains and seals in moisture while CBD soothes and calms any redness, which can be intensified in cold and harsh environments.

Balm up

We all love a light moisturiser in the summer, but now that autumn has arrived, it's time to put the light creams away and bring out the balms! Balms are perfect for keeping dry skin happy, and little goes a long way (find out more about the benefits of balms, here). Use a pea sized amount of our CBD Skin Balm on the face or body where extra moisture is needed. Alongside our two core ingredients, this balm contains Vitamin C which is a vital skin care ingredient for the autumn months, as it will brighten dull skin which has been parched from the previous summer months. The balm can also be used as an overnight mask on top of our CBD face cream for an ultimate moisture rescue.

Top tip: Using circular motions, warm the balm with two fingers until it melts into a silky consistency, which will benefit circulation and encourage a collagen boost, which will make your skin appear fresher and more youthful.

Lips will also need looking after in the colder months. Protect your lips with a nourishing and hydrating lip balm — have one in your handbag for simple on-the-go reapplication should you need it.

Listen to your skin

Pay attention to your skin's needs and respond to them as they appear. Consider using a gentle peel to assist in brightening your skin and firm up the protective barrier of your skin. By removing debris and enabling the skin to complete its natural exfoliation unhindered, this method of removing dead skin helps to maintain a strong barrier.

Protect your skin this autumn with Cannuka

Manuka Honey skin care products are extremely popular but did you know the Manuka flowering season only lasts for 2-6 weeks? This is just one of the reasons why Manuka Honey skin care is a luxury with benefits too good to miss out on! But now Cannuka has incorporated the science of CBD to create a completely unique skin care product which not only moisturises, but can reduce redness and inflammation as well. You can read more about why Manuka Honey is so special and browse the entire range of Cannuka products to prepare yourself for the autumn and winter months.

We also have a full list of the natural ingredients we use in our products, which explains the benefits and the uses of each naturally derived product.

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