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Can CBD be absorbed through skin?

Can CBD be absorbed through skin?
on November 11, 2021

We can utilise the nourishing effects of CBD in a variety of ways, one of which involves our greatest organ - our skin. CBD is easily absorbed through the skin and it’s a popular component in skin care products because of its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities. Together with Manuka Honey, this heavenly moisturising duo will take your skin care to the next level.

How is CBD absorbed through the skin?

The skin is our first line of protection against pathogens. The individual layers of our skin contain the greatest number and concentration of cannabinoid receptors. Our endocannabinoid system (ECS) - a system that governs a number of essential human functions and responses like stress, pain, appetite, inflammation, sleep, immunity, and even processes like how much or how little oil our skin generates - is made up of cannabinoid receptors situated all over the body.

CBD has the same receptors as our skin, which explains why it works so well on our skin, - it stimulates our cannabinoid receptors. Topical applications, like our divine collection of skin care products, are designed to be massaged into the epidermis. These products concentrate CBD on the surface of the skin rather than delivering them to the derma's blood vessels. This means they’re perfect for targeting specific areas of concern - issues such as redness on the face or cracked heels are given an active boost in the healing process.

CBD health benefits for skin

CBD works hand in hand with the ECS to influence immunological responses such as redness and swelling. Our skin care products are therefore perfect for people who have inflamed, acne-prone, or sensitive skin. We have created a therapeutic CBD balm to harness the calming properties of CBD. This serum soothes skin that is inflamed, puffy, or red which, in turn, not only helps to improve the look of your skin, but helps to relieve pain and speed up the healing process at the same time. 

CBD-infused skin care products are perfect for supporting acne-prone skin because they help to alleviate the pain and discomfort of breakouts. They're also ideal for those of us who suffer from inflammatory skin problems like psoriasis or eczema because of their calming properties.

If you’re looking for soothing anti-inflammatory and extra moisturising skin care, then the Cannuka range might be the miracle you’ve been waiting for. CBD combined with luxurious Manuka Honey is a match made in heaven for moisture craving skin. Abundant with natural ingredients, each product is tailor-made for specific skin concerns. Discover better skin with Cannuka.

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